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We locked arms. Now, we’re at our throats.
An elegy for what America has lost
S.C. freeway to displace Black residents — again
As Biden’s foes fume, many businesses back vaccine edict
England’s Emma Raducanu, 18, is first qualifier to win U.S. Open
An airport convoy, the Taliban and a faint hope
Washington opens a new season with Chase Young’s profile rising
Were the terrorists aiming for the White House or the Capitol?
A freeway expansion through majority Black and hispanic neighborhoods
Pentagon’s tribute: Families, first responders and others reflect.
Sunny, warmer 89/72 • Tomorrow: Mostly sunny 93/72
Senators want Congress to re-up role in foreign policy
New end-of-life measure approved
Tuskegee Confederate statue is focus of suit
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The Climate Museum blends art and science on a mission
Biden’s power over drug costs a rabbit hole of interpretation, rulings and whim
Federal employee groups meet vaccine mandate with mix of praise and scorn
The future of football starts today.
Black communities seen as ‘the point of least resistance’
Uncertain path for Biden to close Guantánamo prison
New vaccine mandate agitates GOP more than businesses
A formerly enslaved man’s vision for an integrated town
To help American customers, Filipinos put their lives on the line
Atomic watchdog denied video access
Police capture 4 of 6 Palestinian escapees
Humanitarian aid destroyed in attack in Yemen:
Rescuers to resume search in landslide in Mexico:
Attack leaves 2 Turkish soldiers dead in northwest Syria:
Japan to give Vietnam weapons, tech:
Refugee assistance groups report a surge of donations for Afghans
Taliban flag flies in Kabul as world marks terror attacks
Courage, choices and chance behind the Afghan airlift
Courage, choices and chance behind the Afghan airlift
New memoir o≠ers look into the luxe spheres of Chinese elite
Pentagon ends mystery program outsourcing control of IP addresses
Upcoming Washington Post Live events
Somber reflection two decades after the towers fell
Commemorations serve as an elegy for all that’s been lost
The attacks could not shake the country out of rising partisanship
Biden quietly marks milestone anniversary of 9/11 attacks
Bush compares ‘extremists at home’ to 2001 attackers
‘Dud’ Conservative is suddenly a threat to Trudeau’s reign
In Japan, disability advocates hope for tolerance of service dogs
Verdict is more of an Epic fail than the ‘huge win’ Apple claims
Breyer’s airbrushed portrayal of the judicial process
Robert E. Lee, a stone-cold loser
A San Quentin covid-19 survivor reflects and looks forward
Judges are not doctors
Mr. Biden’s emergency measures
Another victory over reality and reason
A precedent for Texas’s law
Rooting for the losing teams
A radical approach to floods
Margaret Moorman made excellent
Afghan parolees are stuck in limbo
We kid ourselves if we think the war born of Sept. 11 is over
20 years later, the accused of 9/11 must finally be tried — in civilian courts
Defying the Supreme Court is back in fashion
9/11 broke us. And we are far from healed.
9/11 didn’t change everything. Old fights and illusions still haunted us.
Trauma revisited
What was the intended target of Flight 93?
The attacks mired us in nostalgia for past greatness
Returning to the scene of terror
Unraveling the mystery of Flight 93’s target
To grasp the tension and beauty of Black life, a father told his daughter: ‘Read’
After the past few years, a scholar of race relations says he’s less optimistic
Unrealistic expectations about change in China
Interrogating and embracing the sprawling contradictions of ‘freedom’
Washington Post Paperback Bestsellers
Big hair, big dreams: An inside look at the Miss America pageant
Weeks in, schools are facing mass quarantines
More alumni accuse former Georgetown provost of sexual misconduct, school says
While federal rent relief could save tenants from eviction, many have already moved out
‘I hope we never forget’
A foil-topped grid over part of Roaches Run is designed to keep animals out and plants in.
Yolanda López, a painter and activist, exalted the lives of women, especially Latinas.
D.C. residents living the grim reality of everyday violence are fed up with anti-police policies.
In D.C., 9/11 was start of 13 terrifying months
Advocates scramble to get relief money in renters’ pockets before it’s too late
Commission touts a $117 billion plan to modernize the Northeast Corridor
The reality of Robert E. Lee’s legacy and his stance on slavery
Contraptions near airport designed to keep animals out, plants in
Woman arrested in 2020 slaying
Police ID man found fatally shot in car
Silver Spring man dies in motorcycle crash
Man fatally shot in Oxon Hill
Maryland’s proposed maglev train would hurt minority communities with no benefit
D.C.’s reaction to violent crime sends a troubling message
Northam’s work on pardons is not done
Varied approach to quarantining in D.C.-area schools frustrates families
As vaccination deadline nears, House of Ruth holds clinic for sta≠, clients
Across region, ceremonies look back on 9/11 after 20 years
First the Pentagon was hit. Then came anthrax-filled letters and sniper attacks.
Artist elevated Latina life as a means to empower
Georgetown acknowledges more sexual misconduct claims against ex-provost
Not quite the clear, blue skies of 20 years ago
The Weather
Grand jury calls attorney to testify in police killing
After a hectic offseason, Young is back to business
Raducanu completes historic run to U.S. Open title
Black QBs thriving, but labels still exist
Ducks’ victory over Buckeyes is one for the West and parity
D.C. United settles for an ‘ugly’ 1-1 draw with Red Bulls. Meanwhile, covid violations force Spirit to forfeit.
Paul Pierce, Chris Webber and Bullets great Bob Dandridge among those inducted into Hall of Fame.
On a somber night in Pittsburgh, the Nats and Pirates honor 9/11 victims before the visitors fall, 10-7.
On Sept. 11, football is just part of the story at Navy-Air Force
Mids run aground:
Palou, near points lead, earns pole at Portland
Djokovic seeks one more win for two milestones
D.C. teen sweeps junior singles and doubles titles
Raducanu goes from qualifier to champ
Despite QB questions, Gators rout the Bulls
Cyclones remain no match for Hawkeyes
No. 5 Aggies narrowly avoid upset at Mile High
Terrapins have their way with Bison
Ducks give Pac-12 a signature moment
Seminoles are stunned on the last play
Cavaliers get creative on o≠ense in blowout
Stakely propels Hoyas to an OT win in opener
For Mids and Falcons, day is about more than game
After halftime, Hokies make quick work of Blue Raiders
Truex leads Joe Gibbs Racing team to 1-2-3 finish
Navy’s o≠ense again ground to a halt
Pro leagues not worried about Biden’s vaccine mandate
Young set to handle business on the field
Can’t-miss quarterback? History says not so fast.
Chargers (0-0) at Washington (0-0)
Can’t-miss quarterback? History says not so fast.
Keys to the game
Chiefs safety Mathieu is activated from covid-19 list, questionable for opener
Black QBs see gradual change in perceptions
Pierce and Webber head deep Hall of Fame class
After losing no-hitter, Baltimore implodes
Rays 7, Tigers 2
Corbin Burnes, Brewers
Phillies 6, Rockies 1
Padres at Dodgers, 4:10 p.m.
No-no No. 9
Nats prospect inherited his father’s change-up
Surging Blue Jays should strike fear
Nationals fall on somber day
United’s shot at three points goes awry with Reyna’s miss
Ronaldo delivers two goals in his return to Old Tra≠ord
Spirit forfeits match vs. Reign for covid protocol violations
Fire at D.C. United
A brave new season
Classical music
Pop music
Pauli Murray: Subject of a new documentary
The behavior of his wife’s children when they visit the ranch chaps his hide
Murray: A lifelong process of starts and stops
Reminiscent, not nostalgic
Technically, we don’t know what they’re smoking. But, come on.
The Smokers, ca. 1636.
A season of ‘Fire’ and firsts
Hear the call of concert season
Shows share a common thread: Ambition
After the pandemic lull, venues are thinking big
Dance returns to move audiences
Why Disney’s Pollyanna couldn’t be Kubrick’s Lolita
Shakespeare celebrated as a go-to writer in rough times
A fleeting moment can leave an indelible impression
Grievance hijacks grief when a sister-in-law skips the matriarch’s funeral
Twelve Minutes
A tedious time puzzle with grueling repetition and a dark revelation as payo≠
Look both ways: Before & after names
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
Answers to last week’s puzzle.
New contest for Week 1453: Haven’t read it — mis-subtitle a book
A family trip, saved by the art of adaptability
On Blue Ridge Parkway, autumn is for reds
Remember the creepy house from “The Silence of the Lambs”? Now you can rent it for your next vacation.
Travel insurance has never been more confusing. Here’s what to know if you’re planning a trip this fall.
New safety measures and more than 30 shows: What theatergoers can expect as Broadway reopens.
A travelers’ retreat
Increasingly confusing trip insurance is vital for fall
In her 90s, she found a love for RVs
In pandemic times, an old truth is new again: Always have a backup plan
‘Silence of the Lambs’ home transformed into killer rental
Savoring fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a prime leaf-peeping destination
If you go
The spotlight’s on Broadway as curtains rise once more
Amid covid, plans can easily fall apart. Having a Plan B can save the day.
Even amid Acadia’s crowds, there’s a ‘Quiet Side’ on Mount Desert Island
If you go
Contractor says USPS’s bad software cost it $110 million
Musk-Bezos space race grows increasingly intense, personal
Luxury brands flock to vacation hot spots
Women’s participation in the labor force is falling — especially among those ages 25 to 54.
Lawmakers are seeking an investigation into working conditions at Amazon’s warehouses.
Child tax credit payments are getting the job done, reducing child poverty.
Musk-Bezos space race gets increasingly personal — but it’s big business, too
To keep talented staffer from burning out, boss should help him prioritize work
Some women are feeling left behind as pandemic aid ends
Child tax credit payments are making a real di≠erence. You can still sign up.
High-end retailers take brands where clients are
Problems with USPS software well known, contractor says
Lawmakers press for better protections for Amazon’s warehouse workers
Stocks drop on warnings about valuation, growth risks
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Signs you’re not in the right career
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